why are mobile games ads so bad (2023)

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this video is brought to you by warby parker. see how easy that is: just a logo and a quick shout out. that's it. i don't have to clickbait you all with fake promises and bosoms and stolen assets. i don't have the sink that low youtube does. i'm sick of it. [Music]. mobile game ads are a plague upon the internet and with every passing day it gets worse. it gets so much worse. they're everywhere: youtube, facebook, google, twitter, in your videos, in your news feed, on the sidebars of every website you visit. they're misleading, deceptive, pandering. you can't trust any of them. what you think might be a cool game with hot girls and fun gameplay is, oh god, no, another candy crush clone. where are the hot girls? you promised me hot girls. this isn't an fps at all. oh, can i solve this puzzle? sure, let me try. oh, um, this game is nothing like the advertisement. i've been bamboozled again. the majority of these mobile game ads rely on fraudulent claims that depend more on shocking and slimy promises than actual quality when it comes to their product. they don't care if most people turn the game off after trying their free to play game, as long as these mobile games can get their hooks into a handful of targeted users and squeeze them with microtransactions, they'll get their money's worth, and then some like to a mind-blowing degree. the mobile game industry practikally dwarfs every other facet of the gaming industry when it comes to revenue. consoles, they wish. pc gaming, oh, not even close. allow me to put it into perspective for you. in-game, one of the highest grossing films of all time made around 2.7 billion dollars worldwide. when it comes to box office revenue, monster strike, a mobile game, has grossed nearly 8.7 billion dollars worldwide. that is three times the amount of end game. that is insane. so now we're stuck in a very precarious situation: low quality mobile games that cost virtually nothing to make, that utilize predatory tactiks in order to track down consumers with addiction problems and then get them hooked on microtransactions by promoting deceptive and manipulative advertisements with false promises. so that's the situation: awful games that cost a fraction of what console or pc games require, while instead funneling money towards marketing in a very misleading manner. the entire system is corrupt and so many websites are complicit in the process, especially youtube. the audacity of youtube to police the videos of content creators and fire off punishments blindly, while claiming that actual human beings have reviewed said content. oh, yeah, yeah, sure they have. look at this one. oh, this thumbnail of your samba spock. it's too raunchy. it violates our community guidelines. shame on you. now you're not gonna get paid now, excuse us- while we take money from a company that is breaking the exact same rules, while also using stolen art of an underage character while advertising towards children. i'm going crazy, i'm losing my mind. how is this so brazenly allowed? i even had my own thumbnail format, stolen by a company and then promoted all my videos. so, yes, i have a problem with mobile game ads, mobile games themselves and the websites that allow these crimes against humanity to flourish. so why don't you all join me as we take a deep dive into the corrupt and disgusting world of mobile game ads? oh, don't worry, youtube, i won't show anything in my video that you haven't already promoted on your own website. so we cool. and if my video does get age restricted or possibly unlisted, then i don't know what i'm going to do. the irony might make me explode [Applause]. so what are the origins of mobile game ads? when did they start? what were they first initially like and when did they descend into the state of madness that we suffer today? for the record, a big part of the story is unsurprisingly related to the history of mobile games as an industry and its meteoric rise in popularity. now that is a topic that can be its own video. which, ta-da, there it is. i recently launched a new channel with my friend where we tok about video game stuff, so go check out what's ruining mobile games right over there. link is in the description: saber spark 64- like like the old mario game- god, i'm old. now for this video. i'll bring up some of the main points from that video in order to better explain the state of mobile game ads, since the two topics are interconnected and have one without the other, unfortunately, so long ago, like i'm toking, 10 years ago, there used to be a time when mobile games required upfront payments in order to play the game. we saw this in the early 2010s, but then mobile game companies decided to scrap this model of business and instead go for in-game microtransactions. the games are free, but you can spend money in the game in order to buff up your stats and whatnot, whatnots. you don't have to wait five minutes to play the game. you can just spin tokens with actual money and boom, you're back into the fray. thanks bubble witch saga and candy crush. you all ruined everything. this business model would eventually become the main form of generating revenue for the mobile game industry. not only can you sidestep apple or google when it comes to their fees for using their app stores, but these companies now have access to customers who might spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a free-to-play game, instead of paying three dollars for an entrance fee like before king. the company that owns candy crush and bubble witch saw their revenue increase from 62 million dollars in 2011 via facebook to 1.8 billion dollars in 2012 from ads and in-app purchases on mobile. it was abundantly clear now to mobile game companies: there was some big, lucrative money to be made via microtransactions. said money would be used to unleash a tidal wave of advertisements. now, i remember the first wave of mobile game ads back in the early 2010s. there was actual effort at first with stuff like clash of clans- nothing mind-blowing but leagues above the trash we see nowadays. i often wondered when why things started to change with the tone of mobile game ads. we went from somewhat decent commercials to the insanity of mafia city and hyper sexualized ads, for like every other mobile game advertisement out there. why did this happen? well, these mobile game companies are running into the same issue that traditional television ads ran into in the mid-2000s, where people started to become numb to regular ads so they had to start getting increasingly bizarre just to get the attention of people. until, oops, now all the ads are bizarre, which means people are starting to tune them out again due to overexposure. now mobile games face far stiffer competition than traditional tv ad slots. since buying ads on social media is cheaper, more companies can afford to do it, and since mobile games are cheaper to produce, more companies are vying for attention in these slots. mobile game ads only have a few seconds to make an impression on viewers, so they have to go super hard. unlike a tv ad which has like 30 to 60 seconds of air time, mobile game ads only have like five seconds of pre-roll on youtube, or a fraction of a second to grab your attention while you're scrubbing on your twitter newsfeed. so poor animation, outlandish scenarios, imitations of popular properties or blatant sexual imagery are all powerful tools to stop you dead in your tracks and force you to pay attention. another common tactik is to bait the viewers. creativity or intelligence- oh. only three percent of people can solve this or 96 of people will fail. these are common titles to poke at your ego and make you stop and take a look. and the opposite tactik can also be used with false gameplay on display making obvious mistakes. well, guess what? it causes viewers to stop and gawk at the stupidity on display. your brain is just trying to figure out what the hell it's even looking at. but that is enough for the advertiser to make an impression on you. they got their split second. now you're familiar with their brand. some companies don't even bother to take the

(Video) The DISGUSTING State of Mobile Game Ads (and why YouTube LOVES IT)

Table of Contents

  • Mobile game ads have gone INSANE
  • GARBAGE Ad Games
  • Why Are Mobile Games So Bad?
  • Evony The Kings Return is RUINING YouTube. ~ Gene Machine
  • How mobile games are designed to SCAM you.
  • Reviewing Bad Mobile Game Ads (And Their Games)

Mobile game ads have gone INSANE

i don't know about you, but a while ago the ads that i get on instagram started turning into an absolute fever dream [Music]. specifically, what i'm toking about is the ungodly amount of mobile game ads that i get, and these ones are just out of control. like mobile game ads have been stupid for a while: games that would show like an insanely basic game premise but then have a caption that says only one percent of players can beat this and the game is like stacking three cups, but those ads were at least some of the time showing the actual game. nowadays, the games that i get- oh no, i don't know what the [ __ ] is going on. you'd think in order to sell something, the customer should understand the product. that is not the case with mobile game ads. the gameplay itself is usually pretty simple and a carbon copy of another game. there's the isometric farmville game. there's the isometric empire game. it's usually named like age of kingdoms or clash of cups. so what? there's a super sexualized dating sim, a fallout shelter, duplicate, a bunch of bejeweled games, or i want that treasure. oh, not the right move. treasure, treasure. whatever the hell you do in that game. the games are simple for a reason: they're for simple people, and by simple people i mainly mean children with mommy and daddy's credit card that they usually don't know about so they can pay to keep playing, so they can buy more energy for their kingdom or buy cool cosmetiks for their digital dollhouse, and that point will become more evident as we watch some of these ads together. there's a lot of these game ads, though, where i truly don't know what's going on in them, like this state of survival ad [Music]. just so much is happening. you'll see a lot of this. this like rapid arrow clicking and touching things around the screen when it looks like a cursor is doing it, but these are all mobile game ads. i like how they grabbed a pickup truck and then put it onto the bike and it turned it into like a backwards convertible. a lot of these state of survival ads are like hot girl wakes up to zombies, then goes and runs, gets another girl, they get guns, kill a bunch of zombies, grow vegetables and then build a base around the farm. there's just so much going on in this ad that doesn't make sense and just feels so improvised like i feel like they got an eight-year-old kid to just like make up a crazy video game idea to them and then they just made an entire trailer around it like um, um, a girl is walking her dog and then a zombie, um, attacks her and then she kills it with a stik and it does a ton of damage and then she gets on a bike that turns into a level 10 car. then they then they build a base and then they all get machine guns and they kill all the zombies [Music], like i guess in order to advertise to children. they had to think like children. this next one: you'll probably recognize that the audio recording is terrible. welcome. rise of kingdoms players. rise of kingdom. spoilers. it's an honor to be invited. it's not common to have 5 million power like me. a big pet peeve i have about these videos is the arbitrary call-outs that they put in, like getting millions of power, just raise the entry requirements to 10 million, what like? that means nothing to me as an adult, but i have a feeling that a kid might hear: like wait, i can play your game and i get 5 million power just for downloading. how about me? holy [ __ ], she has 80 million power. i could be like her someday, the super vip. there's also these like hilariously bad real-time advertisements where there's like clearly one paid voice actor and the other people just like work at the studio or something. how come so many people are downloading games that make you top up? well, nobody downloads our game, where you can get 10 million coins without spending a single panic. first of all, this is another version of the arbitrary callouts, which is like you just don't even know what the thing mean. what does top up mean? he says it like 10 times in this video. a lot of them called us liars. they couldn't claim any points. did they download them below this video? no, no, they didn't. then they downloaded the wrong one. also, what is the premise for this advertisement? the commercial is about people calling them liars for [ __ ] up their last advertisement. and now you want me to trust your slot machine video game. as long as they download from below this video, they can get two million free coins. it's just so cheaply put together too. it's like two times where there's clearly a voice over. did they download them? and then they couldn't even get the voiceover for this. two million lines- they can get two million free coins. also, this call out is the most confusing thing i've ever heard in my life. they can get two million, three coins and up to 10 million more coins for every 15 minutes they spent playing 15 minutes. incredibly, you can even get dude. you lost me. i like how it doesn't guarantee anything either. it just says like you have really good odds in one minute to get within 10 spins, you can get the jackpot and for the last time, it does not have to do with topping up gosh. quit asking about it. download and give it a try. i will not let you guys down. he's gonna let us down. this might be my favorite ad that we watched today, just for how [ __ ] shady it is. speaking of being shady and having arbitrary titles. by the way, did you guys notike that they had jiggle physics in the ass? i could never say that sentence. [Music]. so this level one guy. he could just break out of the cell at any point. why didn't he do that earlier? that guy gets arrested by one of the two cops that look the exact same. okay, that's also something you'll see in a lot of these advertisements. is this like brutally hard cut in the middle of the ad? like that's not me editing that? that's just what the ad is like. just couple assassins chilling out while i'm taking a shower. another extremely hard cut to where we see a man selling cell phones in the middle of the street and they don't steal the phones, they just take the entire store from him, but a gentleman with a lot of question marks. and we don't even know what level this guy is. he could be a mafia boss or a mafia maiden or a cool guy, i don't. they haven't explained any of the titles or the levels, because clerk and crooks seem to be interchangeable for level one. i really don't know what you do in these games. i think they just make these trailers and it has nothing to do with the video game. and also there's another mafia city ad. that's the same thing- no jiggle physics this time, a harder cell for sure, but it's like the same thing but kind of looks different. oh, i love how this one ends like i'm still level one but i now have a secretary, by the way, i looked at that developer's other games and there's another game called chief almighty and it just made me laugh how they advertise the game. like there's these pictures that say: hunt the beasts, tame the beast, date girls like they ran out of, like hunting things to tok about. so they're just like: uh, date girls. i don't know man, there's also like these, like weird dating sims that like super fetishize being pregnant and stuff like getting married and having children are so real in this game. it's. that's such a weird sell for a video game. [Music]. oh no, he's pissed. he's got cake all over his face, okay. so she wants to dress up, even though she's in a full ball and gown right now. is it balling down? sorry, i'm a dude ball gown, but she's gonna get more dressed up. [Music]. wait, why was he mad? oh, she got leaves in his hair, so he sends her to the dungeon. if that isn't straight up, lemongrab, i don't know what it is. who did the thing? 12 years dungeon, all of you dungeon. seven years, no trial. [Music]. i like how it just ends so tragically and then just ends with a king's choice. also like aren't you playing as the queen that entire time? there's a bunch of ads that do this, where it's like a tragic story and then they show the title cover and it's the exact opposite. like there's this game where this prince is just lambast.


bruh [Music]. advertisements suck. they interrupt your gaming experience, your YouTube videos and even when you try to go to the bathroom. there's no way around these things, at least without having a few dollars laying around. and the silliest part is that the ads you get are always for some of the worst cash grab games to ever be created- a lot of the hyper casual types of games- I actually have a whole video on the topic- just because they annoy me. so that's when I came up with the idea. that's when I legally acquired the idea to make a video playing some of the most bottom of the barrel mobile games you could possibly play. yep, I'm toking about garbage ad games. so now you guys don't have to try them out for yourself and get about 10 000 different viruses while doing so. but before getting into the games, I should probably go through my process for finding them. so first things first. I went on the App Store and downloaded a random Voodoo game because, knowing how much Voodoo likes ad money, they were the obvious go-to. then I opened the game and I did the cardinal sin of playing mobile games. I turned on my internet, then I played the game for about five seconds and- oh look, I have enough material to make this video and we have a lot to choose from. only unique brain can do it. oh sorry, I guess my brain just isn't unique enough, my bad. I think we'll start with monsters gang. to start things out, let's see the ad that the developers really wanted us to see. so the ad shows three homies getting into an epic fight with RTX graphics and true to life physics. then it cuts to two buff Among Us characters on the top of a bus preparing to brawl. now I'm not sure where the monster part of the title shows up, but we'll see. we start on the loading screen and here we can see some basic level up options on the leaderboard and a big section in the middle of the screen telling you to drag to start playing. once you start, we could finally play the game. your goal is to beat up the other characters you're put up against in various levels that we're choosing at random. the levels can range from simple and straightforward to decently gimmicky, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for some levels it is so obviously the game revolves around combat. but how fleshed out is it? well, it's all about the in-game physics. well, they're much jankier than the ad suggests, there's still a decent amount of fun to play around with, especially when you throw enemies into imminent death. at the end of every level, your name appears on the leaderboard and it shows you the worldwide placement. by that I actually mean, it's not real. you also get one key, and when you get three keys you get to open some random chests. the rewards range from in-game coins to actual skins. speaking of skins, there are actually a lot of copyrighted characters here. now, the royalties obviously weren't paid for, considering it's just an independent mobile game, so they use the copyright free versions of the characters and yes, Among Us is here too. the game has no music, with the only audible feedback being the royalty-free sound effects, so it's pretty awkward when you play this game without any sort of background music. there's also a side game mode where you can be in a house. you can't really do much inside of it, but here, overall, this game is pretty silly. it's a bit repetitive, with the goal staying the same every single level, but the levels themselves are actually pretty alright. the next game we'll be looking at is pull the pin. I think you could probably guess why I chose to add this into a video about mobile ad games. the pin pulling genre is pretty common to see in ads, so that's why it's here. so the ad here shows a hand pulling pins with a secret agent guy holding whoever's playing. we then cut to the next screen where there's a woman tied up and she's about to get burned to death. but look, there's water. maybe if we download the game and act fast we might be able to save her. so the game itself is actually nothing like the ad. well, it's sort of like the first part of it at least. while there's sadly no suited man bullying us, there are at least pins here. the goal of the game is pretty self-explanatory. you go through levels trying to get all the colored balls into a jar. there are also these colorless balls, but they don't go into the jar. you have to make them connect with the colored balls so they can become colored. why am I explaining? every once in a while, these bombs with bootleg Roblox faces show up and you have to make sure they don't blow up, because that's what bombs do. so yeah, this game is exactly what you'd expect. it starts out pretty easy, but the game gets harder as you make your way through the levels. the game's fine, but I'd rather play the other one advertised here. we have Rush run. take a leak. wow, this game is so cool. let's see what the ad did for me to want to get this game. so, uh, we start with a character select menu and, oh look, it's Spider-Man. so he's about to piss himself and we have to get him to the Toilet Before It's Too Late. throughout the entire ad you can see Spider-Man toking to himself. faster I can get to the toilet. come on, Spidey, I'm gonna piss myself. the ad showed the gameplay pretty accurately. besides the part where Spider-Man toks to you sadly- and yes, the diaper anyone. text is real. the first thing you see after the title screen is the main character saying: I wanna go pee. obviously, the kid from scary teacher 3D is just jumping for joy at the thought of going to the bathroom. so the gameplay here is pretty self-explanatory. you need to draw lines to get to the bathroom before the main character pisses his pants. there are slight differences between levels, but they all play virtually the same, except for these really weird levels that happen when you actually make it to the toilet. after every couple levels. you play these things where you end up flushing this neon green sludge down the slide and right into the ocean where all the little fishies can eat it up and die. as you play through the levels, more and more various new mechanics get introduced, various buttons and stuff involving TNT. overall, this game is pretty weird, but it's also pretty funny. next we'll be looking at time control. the ad here is literally just some gameplay, but the art style looks like the typical minimalist, hyper casual stuff, so it's definitely something worth adding to this video. in this game you play as a purple man with no face and you have to go back and forth in time to get past these levels, because you can't just walk around these guys. you have to alter time itself to get around them. but that's not all. after a few levels, this Red Devil guy shows up. then the new goal is to have him killed. then you beat the level. there are also these other levels where you can change the weather in order to get around other various obstacles. while there's an interesting idea here, the execution is just as shallow as you'd expect from a hyper casual game. the actual gameplay just consists of selecting the weather or moving the time bar around. there are costumes to try to add more gameplay, but they really aren't that great of an incentive to keep going. there's actually not any replayability at all. the levels are all incredibly similar, with the same couple situations being repeated over and over again. overall, this game is pretty shitty. lastly, we have draw monster 3D. as opposed to the largely inferior draw monster 2D, the ad for this one showed a little bit of gameplay. then let me draw a monster myself. well, I see what it wants me to do, but I actually forgot how to color inside the lines, so I'll think outside the box here. so the gameplay for this one is what you'd expect from the ad. you draw the outline that the game gives to you, or something original, and you fight against an enemy. The Monsters you can play as range from Huggy wuggy to a chicken. now, the funny thing with the gameplay here is that the battles last about five seconds. it's pretty cool that drawing something that doesn't match the l


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Why Are Mobile Games So Bad?

(Video) Warum Mobile Games-Werbung so schlecht ist

if you were born summer around the year 2000, i'm sure you can remember what an exciting time it was in the late 2000s and early 2010s for mobile gaming. the first iphone had only just been released a couple of years ago and smartphones in general were still very much finding their footing. many people bought their first smartphone around this time and, looking back, there was so much excitement going around about all the capabilities that smartphones brought with them: the cameras, the apps and, most importantly, for this, video. the games developers back then had to deal with pretty severe limitations of the hardware that they were running on. the small screens, the weak specs and the lack of buttons- all were major hurdles for developers. on top of that, major game developers weren't that invested in mobile yet, so most games were made by small to mid-level developers with relatively small budgets. still, by overcoming those limitations, developers came up with some super creative concepts that took full advantage of the hardware that they were running on. games like cut to rope, angry birds, doodle jump, fruit ninja and hill climb racing- all are games that come from what i'd like to call the golden era of mobile gaming. you might have fond memories playing them and they are probably the games you think of to this day when thinking about good mobile games. all of these games were made so that just about anyone could pick up their phone, get the hang of the controls immediately, play for about five minutes or so, have a bit of fun and then carry on with the rest of their day. they usually revolved around a fun gimmick or gameplay mechanic that, in the best cases, made for unique experiences that also only made sense to be played on a smartphone. cutter rope, for example, is an amazing game from this time period that took full advantage of the touchscreen functionality of smartphones. there are countless well thought out, super creative puzzle levels that not only made for a fun game, but one that only made sense to play on a smartphone. just imagine how awkward it would be to play clutch rope with an xbox controller or even with a keyboard and mouse. doodle jump, while not nearly as creative or engaging as cutter rope, still is a game that takes great advantage of the gyroscope functionality of smartphones and makes for a unique smartphone game that only would make sense to be played on a phone. other, more straightforward games from this time period didn't push the boundaries as much, but still perfectly captured the charm of the bite-sized, simplistik, casual nature that these games did so well. i'm sure many of you probably have fond memories: murdering pigs in angry birds, racing through the countless tracks in hill climb racing, or beating levels in jetpack joyride. all of the games i mentioned went on to each get hundreds of millions of downloads and become runaway success stories. mobile gaming was in fact, getting so big that there was a popular narrative going around that they were gonna kill portable gaming consoles. for example, mobile gaming was commonly cited as one of the main reasons why sony's playstation vita was a flop. however, if we take a look at where we are today, this hasn't been the case. nintendo's hybrid console, the nintendo switch, has already sold 100 million units in its first five years since launch and is well on pace to become one of the best selling console of all time. and while the mobile gaming market is at its biggest it's ever been, the reason for that success isn't necessarily that the games have gotten better. so what happened today? we'll take a look at the state of mobile gaming today and what led to its downfall. before i just write these games off completely, i wanted to make sure that i wasn't just being blinded by nostalgia. and well, i wasn't searching through the play store and going through the top charts, you'll find an endless onslaught of derivative, lazy, offensively bad games that, while raking in millions of downloads, pale in comparison to the masterpieces from the early days. so what exactly went wrong? one of the most common reasons cited for why mobile gaming is in such a bad state is the use of micro transactions. it's one of the most hated game elements out there nowadays and has even reared its ugly head in aaa games. sadly, the reason why microtransactions are everywhere is simply because they work. see, back in the day, there wasn't a clear business model laid out yet for developers to squeeze the most money humanly possible out of their players, and it wasn't normal then for their games to be purchasable for a dollar or two. later on, most developers switched over to ad-supported games. a big reason why i think this shift happened is that that big boom of people getting their first smartphone and wanting to find all the cool capabilities of what their shiny new device could do has started to fade. the magic was gone. phones just became tools to help people with their day-to-day life, and there wasn't that need anymore to scour the app store to find that cool new app. most people only played a handful of games at this point and weren't willing to pay for them. from the beginning of 2011 to the halfway point of that year, revenue from free to play games had jumped up from 39 to 65 and by 2013, a whopping 92 percent. now, most of this revenue didn't just come from the ads. the ad revenue from that 92 figure amounted to just one percent. due to the lower payout from ads, developers introduced a concept already established by games like farmville, but not yet popularized, known as microtransactions. the implementation of microtransactions is a business model where users can pay small amounts of money in exchange for virtual items and video games. the use cases for these range from in-game cosmetiks, extra content, to, in its worst-form, pay-to-win style, elements that give paying users an unfair advantage over others. what your small subset of players actually make use of these features, and an even smaller set of players spend more than a few dollars. the so-called whales are the approximately two percent of players that spend hundreds to thousands of dollars per month on games, and they are the players that earn developers most of their revenue. sure, games may have tiknically become free now, but in exchange for that, you have to deal with gambling systems, stamina systems, ads and in-app purchases. the games being free also allowed them to get away with low quality game play and not having a whole lot of effort put into them, since customers needed much less convincing to do to install the games. this led to a downward spiral where games got worse and worse over time and started to grow a pretty bad reputation. smartphone games are rightfully seen as cash grabby junk. you can see this trend with how, whenever major game developers would announce mobile games instead of console releases, they were almost always universally disliked. this in turn made it even harder for passionate developers to make paid high quality games. few people were willing to buy them. they might even try to pirate them and would eventually flock to a worse clone released a week later. the bright side is that smartphones are so powerful nowadays that most indie games can get ported over and run flawlessly. emulation can let you play anything from game boy games to even wii and 3ds games. xbox remote play gives you access to console releases if you have an internet connection, and there certainly still are some gems out there that don't cram micro transactions down your throat, that inspire many and bring joy to millions. it's certainly not all bad, but that sort of innovative, creative casual game seems to be all but gone. times have changed. what once was passion, now turn them to greed, and sadly this won't.

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Evony The Kings Return is RUINING YouTube. ~ Gene Machine

my [Music] howdy. this is the jean machine coming at. you live from the corner of my room and hey, can we tok about this game? you know this little known game that just happens to be the bane of my existence, known as ebony the king's return. listen, i was sitting pretty in retirement, you know, sipping martinis on the beach and i thought, hey, let me watch my favorite youtuber, moist, critikal tok about buttholes for 10 minutes. but when the video starts, boom. i gotta see this steamy pile of doggy doo doo of an ad. but i mean, hey, fool me one time. shame on you, right? so i'm thinking, okay, i'll just get off youtube and go watch tv instead. the ads at least cannot reach me there. so i go to watch some good ol american football and boom, espn's gotta lay it on me too. but of course, fool me twice, can't put the blame on you. so these ads show up on youtube and on tv, but at least that's the extent of it. it's just an ad showing fake gameplay. surely it can't get any worse. such as showing the ad with a person dubbed over the ad trying to convince you that you're watching real gameplay, right, guys? didn't y'all believe that all those puzzle ads were fake and there's no such game. but today, three times the peace signs load the chat. so, yeah, there's a bit of a problem on youtube right now, and that's the abundance of ebony ads being littered on everybody's phones right now, and i mean, it's not like this is anything new. these ads have been mass-produced since at least january of 2021.. at least that's the oldest ad they have from the game on their channel. and when i mean mass-produced, i literally mean mass-produced. i'm just gonna let the footage of me scrolling through all their ads play in the background. but, to put it bluntly, ebony has almost 6 000 ads on ebony running on youtube in the span of one year, and that's just one of their channels, one- and, mind you, most of these ads are just re-uploads. it's just the company re-uploading the same ad over and over and over again. now, this alone should obviously get this company removed off youtube, but i'm guessing there's- there's gotta be some kind of factor that goes into why youtube hasn't done anything about them. there's got to be something. i just i just can't put my finger on it. alright, so now you understand the general idea of what's going on with ebony and their ads, so let's go ahead and take a look at the ads themselves and tok about what's so bad about them. here's the part where iq a cool little transition. so please enjoy. if you can't do the time, don't do the front. okay, time's up. [Music]: now that i've grasped your attention with a funny spongebob clip, i'm going gonna use this opportunity to do a little, uh, self-promoting. so, uh, hey, if you're new here, i'm the jean machine. i dog on mobile game ads and take the piss out of them for a living. so if that peaks your interest in the slightest, consider dropping a sub, maybe. oh and hey, if you are into pokemon as well, i do also scream at pokemon cards with my best friend for another living. so if that does interest you as well, consider checking out my other channel, geodudes. i'll have it linked in the description. i'm gonna be honest. i just really want followers. so if it means anything, your follow has made me slightly happier, which, considering i just had to spend the past two days absorbing myself in the likes of this stupid mobile game, i could. i could use a bit of that happiness, man, you know, you know. anyway, what i'm gonna go ahead and do now is show the footage from the ads, uh, then switch it to actual gameplay, then back to the ads, and then back to the gameplay, and so on and so forth. so in this ad, which is their most popular one, by the way, with 20- 24 million views- sorry, let me. let me recoup myself there for a second good lord. in this ad, which is their most popular one, with 24 million views, they show a puzzle game where you have to use the properties of water and lava to get to the treasure. right now, you may have notiked a dead giveaway in the fact that the water, lava and the treasure assets all seemingly change between the two levels they show, which leads me to believe two different groups were tasked with making these ads and both of them grab different free unity assets. but disregarding that, let's go ahead and switch over to the gameplay. first off, i'm so sorry that you have to watch this guy run at two frames a second, but this is obviously the capabilities of a company that apparently has a hundred million downloads worldwide. but what's worth pointing out is that, yes, this game does actually have puzzles, believe it or not. so when i say the ads are fake, i'm not saying that because there's no puzzles in the game. i'm saying that because those puzzles are not in the game. the actual puzzles in the game are not combining the properties of water and lava, but are actually- hey kid, have the character walk on this platform and uh, well. well, that's it. so back to the ads. the rhetorical question i want to ask everyone is: why would you not just show the actual puzzles from the game for their ads? why would they show fake puzzles with physics instead? well, i'm sure most of you came up with the common answer that you know this looks better and that's really all there is to it. this puzzle with water and lava physics looks much better than this puzzle where two frame guy walk on platform and avoid rock. whether you want to call this misleading or fake, that's up to you, but i'm gonna be calling it fake for the rest of this video. so, now that we understand that this company is deceiving people and making them think that the game looks better than it actually is, would you believe me if i told you, however, that this is not the main intention of their ads? it is an intention, yes, but it's not the primary one. the main intention with these ads are actually a more psychological reason. if you've seen plenty of these ads, you've probably notiked that the person playing the level fails every single time. that's the psychological aspect we're toking about and the main intention. a lot of people will watch that and go: how could you possibly fail something like that? that's so dumb. even i could do it. and then what ends up happening is that same person will download the game just to prove themselves right. that's what 99 of the people who download this game do. now i don't feel like this bit of information is important to the overall video, but i wanted to bring it up anyway. so i don't know, cry about it. [Music]. another quick thing i want to tok about before we get into some more juicier bits of information is this question that has been posing throughout the entirety of this video: why don't they just make the game look like the ads? i mean, after all, they're likely a million dollar company at this point. surely they can replicate the ads right, and i mean, yes, that certainly would be correct, but there's one glaring problem in the way: the game won't be able to do that. the next bit of gameplay i'm going to show you is what 99 of the game really is. the puzzles are not the main part of the game. they're just a side mini game that the company added just so that they don't get hit with a lawsuit, like gardenscapes did. what you're seeing now is what ebony actually is. it's a town building rts game. you see that little button there called mysterious puzzle. that's the button that takes you to the puzzles. everything else on the screen is what the other 99 of the game is. now, to go back to the main point, this game and its engine was built off of a town building rts game that runs off of two frames a second. this is just a theory. this is not a fact of what i'm about to say. don't, so don't take this as a fact, but i personally think that the puzzles were an afterthought during the game's development cycle, hence why it looks and runs so poorly. so when we look back at the ads, where it looks- clean, smooth animations and physics galore- you think they're going to be able to do that in a game that runs like this? no, no, no, they're not. they're not going to be able to do that. they would have t.

(Video) Evony The Kings Return is RUINING YouTube. ~ Gene Machine

How mobile games are designed to SCAM you.

Pokemon, Call of Duty, Diablo, Immortal raid, Shadow Legends- these are just some of the hundreds of games that are run by scammers effectively trying to bankrupt you. we're going to expose them for who they are. three weeks ago, I started playing the incredibly popular mobile game Pokemon unite. it seems simple: you're in one team of Pokemon and your goal is to head to the other side of the map and score goals against the other team of Pokemon. it's completely free to play and over 100 million people have downloaded the game. but I'd already just finished the tutorial by the time I was slapped with a full page ad to spend ten dollars on something called the unite membership. no way I thought so. I closed that Tab and carried on playing, not realizing at this point that this was all part of a bigger plan to rinse me of everything that I own. it took just six more minutes of play time before I was greeted with this. see, the game gives you a login bonus every single day that you come back to the game and play, but this pass eventually gives you bonuses on top of that bonus, which actually seemed pretty reasonable for the 60 EOS gems that it cost me, which equates to about one dollars in real money. so I bought it- one of the first times I've ever spent money on a free game- and I felt alive, kind of like how you feel when you manage to NAB one of those Amazon Lightning Deals just before they run out. after the first couple of days, though, I started to notike that, while I was getting plenty of new stuff and constant level ups, and I had been given four different Pokemon to play with, I started losing like a lot. I started to realize that this game was less about skill on the battlefield. the combat is effectively just mashing your different attacks as soon as they become ready to use. it's more about how strong you make your Pokemon before you step foot on the battlefield, so I decided that I needed some held items. held items are what you equip to your Pokemon to give them improved stats. so I headed to the shop and I spent about half of the total in-game EOS coins I'd earned so far buying three items: one that increases my maximum health, one that gives me Health regeneration and one that increases my damage output- and I thought: finally, my Pokemon is kitted out. I don't have to think about this anymore, I can just play the game. so I charged into battle with my head held high and I got absolutely demolished. it became very clear to me at this point that it wasn't just enough to buy the held items, because when you first get one they're almost completely useless, like this attack. increasing scope lens that I bought, it was literally giving me a 0.4 extra chance of getting a critikal hit that dealt more damage. imagine adding 0.4 to your dinner one evening. you'd get one extra p. in order to become competitive in ranked matches, you actually need to level your items up all the way to grade 30. at which point they will give you a big game changing buff like, let's say, 15 more damage. but the problem is, leveling up your items is a ridiculous process. you can't earn levels with skillful play. you have to buy them with something called item enhancers. but then these item enhancers are so unbelievably slow to earn through any organic means that I was practikally forced to make my second purchase, the battle pass. this game, and almost every other mobile game like it, uses battle passes as a way to Guild their players into paying more money. every time you complete a game, it'll tell you the rewards you earned and then the rewards that you could have earned on top of that. if only you bought the battle pass, which is just this whole extra stream of rewards to keep playing and keep coming back to the game. and in this case, a lot of those rewards just so happened to be what I was looking for: item enhancers. this was ten dollars in real money. I bought it because the alternative option was to sign away weeks of my life grinding for it. but I was becoming very aware at this point that I'd already spent more on this game than I had in any mobile game I've ever played before. still, at least now, when I was playing, I could guarantee myself a steady supply of new item enhancers so I could remain a competitive battler. and that's about where you'd expect the story to end right. wrong, because right when I thought that I just paid my way out of my problems is actually when things took the biggest dive so far, because it's at this point that I realized just how many of these item enhancers I was going to need. see why, when you're upgrading your items, all you can see is how many item enhancers it cost to go from the level you're on to the next level. and so when I saw that all of my level one items just needed three item enhancers to level up. and then I saw that with this battle pass I could get myself a bundle of 30 item enhancers every few days of playing. I thought that this 10 would easily cover me, thank you. but what the game didn't tell me was that every single level you go up with your held items, the more item enhancers you need to get to the one after that, so that actually to get my three held items to level 30, it wasn't that I needed 100 or 200 of them, I actually needed no less than 7761.. when I realized this, my jaw practikally Hit the Floor to put that number into some perspective. in the entire base game of Pokemon unite, the maximum amount of item enhancers you can possibly earn without getting into the whole loot box opening system is 1535.. if I completely maxed out my battle pass, which is already something that I've paid for, on top of that, I could bag myself an extra 360. but I mean no. Not only would this process take me roughly 150 days of playing every single day to earn, but even with that I would still need to find a way to get the remaining 5866 item enhancers that I still needed, and that's when you have almost no option but to turn to the shop. how much do you think this was going to cost me? a simple, almost required mobile game in-app purchase: 100, 100 real money dollars and if you wanted to max out all of your items, not just the three that you currently have equipped, 760 dollars, or Pikachu for that price. but the scary part of it is that at this point choice that I have, I poured so much time and love into my account but I didn't feel like it was an option to just stop playing. it was: either I pay a hundred dollars or I accept that I will be disproportionately disadvantaged in every future game that I ever want to play. I decided to go for it, which I know is probably the single most pointless purchase I've made in my entire life, and I have made a lot of pointless purchases over the years. but I wanted to give you guys a real experience. I wanted to know and to be able to show you what would happen next and, sure enough, somehow it managed to get even worse. because then, only at this point, only a hundred dollars into the supposedly free mobile game, did I find out how Pokemon unite makes its big money. so we've established at this point that EOS gems are the premium currency that you can use to buy almost anything in the game, but it's not the only currency, because you also have EOS coins which combine most of the things that gems cam, but you need a lot to them. next, we have tikets, which come in three flavors: EOS tikets, fashion tikets and Holo tikets. fashion and Holo tikets unlock new skins for your trainer and Pokemon of choice. or else tikets let you buy those item enhancers as well as boost cards that increase the amount of experience points you earn. tikets, like coins, can be earned in events and challenges. when those run dry, you do need to buy them with gems. are you keeping up? because then, on top of that, you have AOS energy, which is required if you want to play a match and get the proper set of rewards, but is gradually used up every time you do so. and we've even now got the limited time cake currency for the ongoing anniversary cake Challenge on top of that. if you haven't already guessed, after two weeks of playing this game, my head was sp.

Reviewing Bad Mobile Game Ads (And Their Games)

(Video) Mobile Games: What Happened?

bad mobile games- bad mobile game ads- reviewing bad mobile games: 400 champions with over 1 million champion champions. mobile game ads versus reality, because most mobile games don't actually have real gameplay or something. so I've done this series of 4 guys, but it's kind of complicated because I started it on my second Channel and that was called bad mobile game ads and then I moved it over here and I called it bad mobile games because I tried out some of the games that I checked out in the bad mobile game ads, and that's basically what I'm gonna do today. I'm gonna look at some bad mobile game ads and I'm gonna try out some of the games. and we're starting with this one, because this is really friggin dumb. my buddy, captain sauce, he, he had his video stolen by a, by a company that makes a game called brain surfing, and I'm not gonna play this game. I'm not gonna give this game the time of day, because the video that he made was on brain out. he made a brain out video and they're like: hey, let's take the brain out footage of captain sauce playing brain out and just pretend that it's our game. and that's literally the worst thing you can do as a developer, even worse than these shitty mobile game ends. at least they're for their own games, even though they're usually like cutscenes and such, and they're misleading. nothing is more misleading than using someone else's footage of a different game to advertise your game. shame on you brain surfing. don't play it, don't look at, don't look it up, don't even, don't even think about it. ok, I, I have no words for this one man. it's a friggin chess game and they're using that meme of a little white girl on the couch with a bunch of black dudes behind her. you know what's going down. oh, and they used horses as well, of course they used horses. geez, man, save the queen. it's just chess, right, let's just move on. the first seconds of this ad are a banger. oh, wow, wowee, what it? what a solid strategy for avoiding the zombie apocalypse. just blow yourself up. I mean, I guess it's worse than becoming a zombie, right? I don't know what this game is, guys. um, this is the icon for it. I can probably find out. okay, just so I'm gonna put in zombie game, we'll find it. okay, this is the most like stereotypical game ever. guys, look at this. you got your your regular old level and stuff up your. you're just fighting zombies. and look at this. you've seen this before. right, do the right thing, release or execute. oh man, okay, just your your standard tropes. and of course, there are beautiful women with big bosoms. I, I can't be asked to try this game, I'm sorry. what pretty great ad, right, okay, here's another one. this one is for state of survival and it's pretty obvious because the name is right down there in the corner. look at this crap man who goes into a place, take selfies with a zombie, who does that? oh right, you know well, I'll say. I'll say one thing: they had gameplay in here, okay, so, so the ad it's not so bad. it's got a little little bit of humor in there, and then they actually show you what the real game is. surprising to see that, am i right? yeah, it looks like this. it looks like a lady taking a picture, mister hominid, and then getting eaten. okay, so this is the actual game. I think you better not shoot that dog, bro, the better. your dog, hmm, okay, okay, so it's not just a defense game. you can actually make me move around a little bit, okay, okay, yeah, uh-huh, you were about to die. so, like, give me a little bit of credit here. so, yeah, it's just tower defense. uh-oh, we're getting a gun turret. let's put that down, bro. Wow, okay, yeah, that's, that's a small upgrade, I suppose. pipe bomb baby. oh [Music]. great, there's a settlement nearby. you know what that means, guys. what's the like you don't want to really hate about bubble games? look at this high quality woman right here. high quality little dudes on the ground. what is this? what are these pixels, man? why is it look so bad over? you're pretty neat setup. I love all seven pixels of it. oh, god says. as per usual, these games are all exactly the same. doesn't matter if it's mafia city or if it's a zombie game or one of the many millions of other games where you set up some sort of civilization. boring, let's move on. we got got more bad mobile game ads to look at when your employment resume gets rejected for insufficient skillsets. but you put on there that you once completed a mobile game with an ad saying that if you complete it you're legally skilled. by all accounts, it doesn't make sense. I know right. like what the hell are you telling me I'm not actually legally skilled because I beat level five? oh my god, this one is stupid. can you believe it's a stupid ad. I can't believe I'm looking at a stupid ad on a subreddit called shitty mobile game ads. look at this Bank. your visa receives sixteen thousand. your account will be credited balance forty thousand six hundred and fifty. and there's a girl screaming: she, I guess she's so happy. guess she's so happy that she got this money that you'll definitely get when you play this game. but isn't just this is just a regular old mobile game. what is this? I'm sure I can find it. if I look up train, something tells me you're not even gonna give me money for this game. I mean, look, if a game lets you win money, the chances are you're not gonna win money when you play that game. just saying, well, okay, there it is. I was about to say there's too many games on here and I can't find it. idle. train 3d build the best train transportation system- okay, but what about the money? am I gonna win any money for this? or were you maybe lying to me the whole time? hmm, okay, well, looks like it could be fun, right? oh, boy, man, this is a very common like cookie cutter type of game. we have three things. you can upgrade and you just so. this is like going off the screen here and everything. okay, I tapped, so what happened? nothing. I believe this is definitely the right game. so that's, that's good news. where's that money? where's where's the money? if you deposited the money into my account, yet, hello, there's no music or anything in here. guys, it's actually very, very boring. did you guys really get on the train and just go right over there? I hope that was not the same people who just got on the train like three seconds ago, because you know you have two legs and our heartbeat. that's what my mom would always say to me. so it must be true, make it faster. this game is completely uninspiring. it's just so bland. well, I know, okay, alright, we're moving on now. for some reason, guys, there's this, there's this thing. you know how every mobile game either has like a pin pulling thing, or it has like a choose from three options and try not to I thing. or your house is on fire, do you put gas on the fire, or do you use a fire extinguisher, one of those things- those are like the three types of ads that you get. this is that this is one of the pin pulling ones. so it could be fun, it could be interesting, right like, yeah, that's cool. Oh, how do I figure this out? this is a puzzle. what are we gonna do? you're gonna kill, you're gonna kill the fish. yeah, he better not say what next, okay, cuz so many of them they end with the person saying what next? I don't know, man, you're just, you're dead, that's it, that's. there's nothing after that. I'm sorry, there's no afterlife, you just go on the ground, goodbye. that's not, that's not a expression of any of my beliefs, okay, I'm just trying to make the person feel bad before they die, okay, so who wants to bet? that fish thumb is not really about that at all. me, I want a bet. I will say one thing, though, guys: I have been kind of interested in fish dumb just because I love in Santa query. um, I made some videos on in Santa Quarian, but this is actually a frigging match three game, cuz, of course it is, because no game is complete without a bunch of shapes that you have to match together. no, I hit the get button, get Wow. check out this review. fake and deceptive ads should be illegal. I agree. I don't know why they're not play. ricks is by far the most guilty of any developer when it comes to use of completely fake gameplay.


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