What is the best cell phone protection plan? (2023)

Let’s face it; accidents happen. Whether it’s a drop onto pavement, an unexplained technical malfunction, or an unfortunate mishap with gravy, there’s a lot that can go wrong with our smartphones. In fact, statistics show that a third of all Swappa users break their phones at some point. And as purchase and repair prices continue to rise, it’s more important than ever to keep them protected in case anything goes wrong.

Generally, when something breaks on our Androids and iPhones, we’re left with a bill that has us begging for mercy. Thankfully, there are more than a few warranty options available that can help protect you in the event that disaster strikes. Today, we’re going to take a look at several of the most popular smartphone protection plans. Join us as we compare and contrast them to help you decide which one is right for you!

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Swappa Used Phone Protection Plans

You’re undoubtedly already aware that Swappa is the best place to buy and sell gently used tech. It’s no secret that by cutting out the greedy middleman, we make it our mission to bring you the best deals on cheap phones while also helping you get the most for your used iPhone or Android phone. But did you know that we’re also the best way to protect your newish investment?

A little over three years ago, we teamed up with the folks at WarrantyLife to begin offering used Phone Protection Plans. Then a short time later, we added MacBook Protection Plans. We did all this to make it as convenient as possible for you to get the much-needed protection for your gently used device — right at the time of checkout, with a single click. But did you know that our coverage isn’t just convenient? Like everything else on Swappa, it’s also a great deal.

How much does a Swappa Used Phone Protection Plan cost?

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Here at Swappa, we’re always trying to save you money. Our Used Phone Protection Plans are no different, thanks to plans starting at just $50 for an entire year. The rates are $50 for coverage up to $300, $60 for coverage up to $500, and $70 for coverage up to $1000. And unlike some of the other guys that get you with an extremely high deductible, if anything ever goes wrong, your deductible on the Swappa Used Phone Protection Plan is just like $50.

Alternatively,pay just $5.99 per month(no commitments) with ournew monthly protection plan!

What if you’re looking for a MacBook Protection Plan instead? Well, the rates are just as reasonable! The rates start at just $50 for protection up to $500, $100 for protection up to $1000, $150 for coverage up to $1500, and $200 for coverage up to $2500.

How the Swappa Used Phone Protection Plan works

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Purchasing a Used Phone Protection Plan or Used MacBook Protection Plan couldn’t be easier. At the time of purchase, all you have to do is click on the checkbox that says “Add Protection Plan.” That’s it; it’s really that simple.

Once you’ve purchased your protection plan, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have a full year’s worth of protection for all repair costs you may incur due to accidental damage such as screen cracks, water damage, and so on. The warranty plan is fully refundable for 30 days, so you have a full month to make sure it’s right for you. And if disaster ever strikes and your device needs fixing, filing a warranty claim is as easy as a few simple clicks.

What’s covered?

The Swappa Used Phone Protection Plan covers the vast majority of what can go wrong with your phone. This ranges from cracked screens to water damage, and everything in between. Your Protection Plan covers the cost of parts and labor to get your device back to functional.

Protection and CoverageNot Covered
Cracked glass and screen repairLost or stolen devices
Water damage from drops or spillsIntentional damage or abuse
Power surge protectionBattery failure or leakage
1-year coverage starts on day of purchasePre-existing conditions or damage while shipping
Mechanical failure covered after 90 daysSoftware issues such as viruses or bricking
Pays for replacement or repair up to valueCosmetic damage not affecting functionaltiy

Benefits of Swappa Used Phone Protection Plan

  • Excellent coverage for anything and everything life throws at you
  • Affordable plan prices and reasonable $50 deductible
  • Protection up to the full value of your device
  • Easy to buy, right at the Swappa checkout screen
  • Risk-free, fully refundable for 30 days

Drawbacks of Swappa’s Used Phone Protection Plan

  • Only available for phones that sell for $1000 or less, or MacBooks that sell for $2500 or less

SquareTrade Extended Warranty

SquareTrade is another option for warranty protection. Backed by auto insurance giant Allstate, it should come as no surprise that SquareTrade is an extremely popular choice, with over 100 million customers. Unfortunately with rates starting at $8.99 per month, SquareTrade isn’t quite the most affordable. This amounts to $108 per year (more than double the cost of Swappa’s cheapest protection plan), regardless of how much you paid for your device.

What’s more, SquareTrade’s deductible is a whopping $149, which is triple what Swappa charges. In other words, you may want to think twice if you ever have to use that protection plan if you buy coverage from SquareTrade.

Benefits of SquareTrade Phone Protection

  • Reputable and well-established parent company
  • Protection for any phone — new or old
  • No contract, cancel any time

Drawbacks of SquareTrade Phone Protection

  • Expensive coverage (starting at $108 per year, regardless of device price)
  • Extremely high $149 deductible

AppleCare+ for iPhone

It’s hard to talk about warranties without mentioning the elephant in the room: AppleCare+. Coming straight from Apple, this extended warranty solution offers streamlined coverage for those buying a brand-new iPhone. Unfortunately, you have to pay for that convenience, with rates starting at $149 for the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR, and $199 for the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max. In addition, deductibles are also quite high at $99.

All things considered, with AppleCare+ you’re paying up to four times as much for coverage than you would with Swappa — and let’s not forget that this is on top of already paying more for a brand-new iPhone versus the great deals you can score on a gently used iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Benefits of AppleCare+

  • Streamlined purchasing when buying a new iPhone
  • Can be purchased within 60 days of buying the iPhone
  • Warranty coverage straight from the people who make your iPhone

Drawbacks of AppleCare+

  • Coverage not available for used iPhones
  • Android phones are (obviously) not covered
  • Expensive rates and high deductibles

Upsie extended warranty

Here’s where things start getting a little more competitive. Upsie is a smaller warranty provider that aims to bring cheaper coverage than many of its rivals. And with plans starting at just $50 per year for up to $200 coverage, they achieve this goal to an extent. With that said, the same $50 buys you greater coverage on Swappa (up to $300), and Swappa also offers fixed deductibles of $50 to make sure that you are never afraid of using your warranty plan.

What’s more, Upsie only covers phones purchased new or open box. We already know that buying a gently used phone on Swappa can save you from the rapid device depreciation that all new phones see immediately after peeling back that shrink wrap. As a result, Upsie isn’t ideal for those looking to save as much money as possible when shopping for a phone protection plan.

Benefits of Upsie

  • Affordable rates starting at $50 for $200 of coverage
  • Reasonable deductibles

Drawbacks of Upsie

  • Only for new and open box phones
  • Can’t save money by buying a used phone on Swappa
  • Deductibles start out reasonable, but increase up to $150 as device purchase price increases

Securranty smartphone insurance

Finally, we have another one of the smaller players in the extended warranty space. Securranty is very similar to Upsie in terms of its pricing and policies. Offering fixed rates of $99 for iPhones and $69 for Android phones, Securranty is certainly competitive. Their deductables are also fair as well, at $99 for iPhones and $49 for Androids. Unfortunately, just like Upsie, Securranty only provides coverage for new and open box phones. And once again, this means that you’re starting from behind

Benefits of Securranty

  • Affordable rates
  • Reasonable deductibles

Drawbacks of Securranty

  • Only for new and open box phones
  • Can’t save money by buying a used phone on Swappa

At-a-Glance Comparison

Yearly Price$50-70* (or $5.99 per month)$108 per year$149 or $199***$50 to $170**$69 (Android) or $99 (iPhone)
Deductible$50 flat fee$149 flat fee$99 flat fee$25 to $150**$49 (Android) or $99 (iPhone)
Compatible PhonesPhones bought on SwappaNew or usedNew iPhones onlyNew phones onlyNew phones only
*Swappa Used Phone Protection Plan price based on Swappa listing price: $50 for coverage up to $300, $60 for coverage up to $500, and $70 for coverage up to $1000.
** Upsie plan price and deductible based on original device price: $50 for $200 coverage ($25 deductible), $80 for $400 coverage ($50 deductible), $90 for $950 coverage ($75 deductible), $110 for $1000 coverage ($75 deductible), $120 for $1500 coverage ($99 deductible), and $170 for $1900 coverage ($150 deductible).
*** AppleCare+ fee based on which iPhone you buy. $149 for the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and iPhone 8. $199 for the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

Without a doubt, the clear winner here is the Swappa Used Phone Protection Plan. Not only does it offer the best rates out of all the competition above, but Swappa also gives you the lowest average deductibles so your wallet doesn’t cry out in pain in the event that you ever have to make use of that protection plan.

Are cell phone protection plans worth it?

Whether or not a protection plan is makes sense for you ultimately depends on how you use your phone. While this is a question that only you can answer for yourself, we strongly believe that it’s wise to have a safety net in case anything goes wrong. Plus, with rising smartphones prices and repair fees, we feel it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Even if you never end up filing a claim on your protection plan, you can think of them like seatbelts in a car. It’s better to have one and never use it than to need one and not have it. Plus, you’re already saving quite a bit of cash by buying gently used on Swappa, so why not repurpose a tiny bit of that savings to getting yourself some added peace of mind with a protection plan?

Click on the button below to score a great deal on your next smartphone, tablet, MacBook or camera. And don’t forget to pick up a protection plan. Future you thanks you!


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