Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (2023)

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (1)

In the old days, your only option to learn Korean was heading to the library and hoping they had a language textbook there. Spoiler alert—they usually didn't, or if they did, it was terrible.

Now learning Korean, or nearly any other language for that matter is easier than ever. All you have to do is unlock your smartphone and download one of these amazing apps.

Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a perfect Korean language learning app. Even though studying Korean is more popular than ever, there just aren't nearly as many resources out there as compared to Spanish or romance languages.

With that said, however, you can cover a lot of ground by combining different types of apps to target the different areas of Korean you need to learn.

Along with the right course materials, videos, and maybe some conversation partners, these apps will give you everything you need to speak Korean like a native in no time.

By the way, if you want to learn Korean fast and have fun while doing it, my top recommendation isKorean Uncoveredwhich teaches you through StoryLearning®.

WithKorean Uncoveredyou’ll use my unique StoryLearning® method to learn Korean naturally through story… not rules. It’s as fun as it is effective.

If you’re ready to get started,click here for a 7-day FREE trial.

Complete Korean Course Apps

Getting started in Korean and want to learn all aspects of the language? The first two Korean learning apps in this section will suit you perfectly. The third one works for beginners as well as anyone with some more Korean experience.

#1 LingoDeer

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (2)

Learning any new language can be tough—especially one as different from English as Korean. That's why LingoDeer focuses on a simple building block approach that focuses on getting you speaking from day one!

Rather than work through random lists of words and phrases, as you'll find with many other apps, LingoDeer focuses on fun lessons that blend vocabulary and useful everyday sentences.

It also features achievement trophies and other quizzes to help keep you motivated until you have really nailed the basics of Korean.

#2 Rocket Languages: Korean

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (3)

Rocket Languages is actually one of the older language learning software programmes back when things were on CD-ROMs. Founded in 2004, they've helped millions of users around the world learn a large variety of different languages.

You can now use their app to practice the essentials of Korean. You'll master essential Korean words and phrases, listen to Korean pronounciation, and use voice recognition tools to check your pronunciation.

(Video) The ONLY 4 Language Learning Apps That Work | Delete the rest!

Rocket Languages also includes step-by-step explanations of Korean grammar to make it easy for you to master all the tenses and more.

#3 KoreanClass101

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (4)

KoreanClass101 was one of the original online resources dedicated to learning Korean. If you were an early fan of Psy, K-dramas, and kimchi, this was where you went. Similar to Rocket Languages, you can also find SpanishClass 101 and many other languages.

Several years ago, KoreanClass101 became available on mobile apps— taking all of their great lessons, notes, premium tools, and more to mobile devices. What's cool is that their system is fully integrated so you can easily move between a lesson you started on your computer and pick right back up on your phone.

Another thing that sets KoreanClass101 apart is you can find all the materials you need, whether you're the newest beginner or can speak the language fluently. If you're looking for a one-stop-shop to learn Korean, it's hard to beat KoreanClass101.

#4 Talk To Me In Korean

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (5)

Similar to KoreanClass101, Talk to Me in Korean (TTMIK) is one of those absolutely legendary Korean language learning tools.

TTMIK's website is a massive repository of everything you ever want to know, starting from the absolute beginner levels of the language all the way up to nuances you see and hear in TV and movies.

Along with this, they have a wide variety of lessons, podcasts, and PDFs to give you plenty of language tools.

The app takes all of the great resources and puts them all conveniently on your smartphone. You'll not only have access to listening lessons, but also YouTube videos, speaking practice, and more.

If you want to learn Korean with plenty of English explanations, relevant examples, and fun hosts, then TTMIK is definitely something you should check out.

Learn Hangul (The Korean Alphabet)

I've explained before how easy it is to learn the Korean alphabet (Hangul). But if you want to practice your Korean reading skills while you're on the go, it's hard to beat the convenience of an app.

Here are the best apps for learning Hangul:

#5 TenguGo

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (6)

If you want to quickly get the hang of how Korean looks and sounds, check out TenguGo. The app is almost solely focused on teaching the alphabet through fun and quirky animations.

But that's not all you'll get with it. Another part of the app, “The Secrets Hangul,” provides helpful tips about why the language works the way it does.

(Video) how i self-study korean + tips for beginners

Whether you're an absolute beginner or have been learning the language for a while, this provides information that will help you get a more solid grasp on the basics.

#6 Hangul Punch

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (7)

Hangul punch is a fun way to get the hang of the Korean alphabet. It turns you into a boxing star who's punching their way towards learning how to read.

You'll see key Korean sentences that are broken down into Hangul. Your job is to match the options with the correct transliteration in English. The quicker you punch, the more points you score.

You'll not only practice the alphabet but also learn vocab and pick up some useful Korean sentences.

Unfortunately, Hangul Punch is no longer available on iOS, but Infinite Korean brings a similar concept of using the addictive quality of gaming to make learning Hangul a blast. Infinite Korean is available on both iOS and Android.

Survival Korean Applications

Sometimes you just need to pick up some Korean quickly. Whether your train is pulling into Seoul Station or you'd like to impress someone special, these apps will help get the hang of a few essentials in a hurry.

#7 Learn Korean

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (8)

Learn Korean, which is part of a series of foreign language apps, provides practical words and phrases in fun themed categories like Shopping (“What size is this”), Eat (“Is this spicy”), and more.

For each vocabulary word/phrase, you get the Hangul and Romanized spelling and an audio clip that you can play at normal or slower speeds. In addition, you can record your own voice in the app and compare it with the clip.

Best of all, LearnKorean adds new phrases and categories somewhat often, so you can always come back to the app to learn something new.

#8 Pimsleur: Korean

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (9)

Pimsleur takes a different approach to learning Korean. While it certainly makes an excellent option as a comprehensive language app, it's also really helpful for breaking down Korean into quick and digestible bits.

Each lesson is broken into 30-minute audio clips based on recall and speech. The goal of it is to teach you how to speak like a native in 30 days.

But it's so portable and flexible that you can also use it for quick survival Korean lessons. Although it's mainly an audio learning tool, it includes Digital flashcards and matching games, along with a component called “Speakeasy: Conversation to help you engage with Korean on a variety of different levels.

#9 FluentU

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (10)
(Video) 🇰🇷 HONEST REVIEW of 'Short Stories in Korean' by @Olly Richards

FluentUimmerses users right away in Korean language and culture, while being much more fun than traditional textbooks.

With FluentU, you get real-world videos, including news, movie trailers, show clips, and music videos that are turned into language learning lessons.

If you're looking for an app that will help you take the step from book learning to real-life communication, this will be right up your alley!

#10 HelloTalk Language Exchange

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (11)

We all know there's a massive difference between knowing how to read a language and some vocab words. And actually speaking it. More than anything, speaking is the key to unlocking everything learning a language can do for you.

HelloTalk matches you directly with people who are fluent in the language you want to learn (i.e., Korean) and who want to learn whatever language you're fluent in. Most likely, you'll be paired with a Korean conversation partner who wants to learn English.

Think of it as the modern version of a pen pal where you can not only have an excellent opportunity to practice Korean as it's really spoken, but also make a new friend.

Korean Dictionary And Grammar Apps

When you start navigating the Korean language, you'll soon find that Google Translate doesn't always get things right, or it will use non-standard words.

Use these excellent grammar and dictionary apps instead:

#11 Dongsa

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (12)

Most Korean is consistent. That means you can expect it to follow specific rules when moving between the past, present, future, other tenses. Even still, it can be confusing for new learners, especially when you move into all the different versions of formal and informal.

Dongsa translates from the Korean word “verb.” This is precisely what it focuses on. It helps you conjugate verbs so you can see what they look like in each of their forms from the highest level of formality you'd use when speaking to royalty over 100 years ago, to the casual banter among friends today.

The app is super easy to use, too. Just put in any verb stem (the part that ends in 다 or ‘Da' in English), and Dongsa will do the rest for you.

#12 Naver Dictionary

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (13)

Forgot about any other dictionary app, and go with Naver.

Naver is a massive search engine company (similar to Google) that you can find throughout all aspects of life in Korean. Their dictionary app is what Koreans actually use to learn idioms, slang, proper usage, and more when they're learning English.

Fortunately, the app works both ways for those looking to learn Korean and is a great way to find the words Koreans use in everyday speech along with example sentences and audio clips. In total, there are over 6.8 million Korean words with 2.84 million examples.

(Video) speak like a native korean with one word.

Korean Test & Quiz Apps

Got a Korean language exam coming up? Or just want to test your vocabulary knowledge? Then the last 3 Korean learning apps on this list are for you!

#13 TOPIK One

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (14)

The “Test of Proficiency in Korean” (or TOPIK) is one of the highest standards for proving your competency in the Korean language via its exam.

TOPIK One gives you a real version of the test split into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels that you can use to practice.

Within each section, you'll practice Vocabulary and Grammar, Listening, Reading, and Writing. This is especially useful once you've gotten the hang of the basics and are ready to see your progress and specific areas you might need to work on.

#14 Memrise

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (15)

Memrise is a flashcard app that extends well beyond Korean to cover a vast range of different languages and other courses.

However, the cool thing is that you can use flashcards that link directly to famous Korean language courses and textbooks, allowing you to take your learning on the go.

In addition to simple memorization, you'll also have mix-and-match games, writing challenges, quizzes, and other prompts that will ensure that Korean vocabulary and Korean grammar will really stick in your brain.

#15 Drops

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (16)

The developers of Drops have one main goal, “to take the boring out of language learning.” It definitely is fun.

The app focuses on vocabulary and phrases rather than grammar, and moves quickly through games and quizzes while giving you a fun mental workout.

If you want to rapidly learn some handy vocab and try something different from the usual flashcard approach, then Drops is perfect.

Best Applications To Learn Korean

Best Applications To Learn Korean – StoryLearning (17)

There you have it. 15—technically 16—amazing Korean language apps.

There are other good options out there. But these top the list for being comprehensive, easy-to-use, and give a solid bang for their buck—especially when many of them offer a lot of their lessons for free.

(Video) Why Korean is the easiest language

As amazing as these apps are, however, they're meant to complement the Korean language studies you're getting elsewhere, from a more structured Korean course.

If you're looking for one, check out Korean Uncovered, which teaches you through story, not rules.


In which app I can learn Korean language easily? ›

Best All-in-One App: Rocket Languages

Rocket Korean is a complete course with all the tools you need to start or continue your Korean journey. It has a ton of content compared to other courses on this list and covers all of the basic skills: speaking, vocabulary, listening, grammar and useful phrases.

How can I memorize Koreans easily? ›

Hey Korean learner!
  1. Use repetition: reading, writing and speaking words over and over again.
  2. Associate words with drawings, pictures and funny scenes.
  3. Try to use the language routinely in the context of daily life.
  4. Reading as much as possible, especially the newspaper, helps you to remember words.
28 Apr 2016

What apps do Korean students use? ›

Different Korean Apps
  • Naver Webtoons (네이버 웹툰) Android | IOS. ...
  • Naver Dictionary (네이버 사전) Android | IOS. ...
  • Memrise. Android | IOS. ...
  • 90DayKorean. Android | IOS. ...
  • Anki. Android | IOS. ...
  • Hellotalk. Android |IOS. ...
  • KakaoTalk (카카오 톡) Android | IOS. ...
  • MEEF – Make Global Friends. Android | IOS.
23 Sept 2022

Which app most used in Korea? ›

App App NameUsage Rank Usage Rank is based on a Similarweb algorithm that factors in 'Current Installs' and 'Active Users' in the selected country, category, and leader boards for the last 28 days.
1WePlay - 파티게임46
2Coupang Play9
4티빙(TVING) - 오리지널, 방송, 영화, 실시간7
46 more rows

How many hours does it take to learn Korean fluently? ›

The FSI puts Korean as a Category V language. Which means, it's one of the hardest languages to master. They estimate 2200 hours of study before you can reach fluency in Korean. Or 88 weeks of extremely intense study.

Is learn Korean with BTS app? ›

Learn Korean with BTS

All episodes are free – you only need to set up an account on the Weverse app.

Is Ttmik enough to learn Korean? ›

TTMIK is definitely the best free online resource I have come across for learning Korean. It is particularly useful for learning the nuts and bolts of the language and especially grammar. The key though is to complement your learning with other resources.

Can I learn Korean in 7 days? ›

As I said earlier, if you're talking about learning the Korean alphabet, then yes, it's completely possible to learn it and be able to read Korean within a week. The Korean Alphabet (Hangul) is made up of letters just like the English alphabet, and it's just a matter of putting them together to make sounds.

How long should I study Korean everyday? ›

You may also want to come up with a small minimum to do each day, even if it's only 5 minutes. That way, you still get some practice in but also leave yourself open to study more when you're motivated. If you're studying as a full-time student, you should aim for about 4-7 hours of study per day.

Can I learn Korean in 2 months? ›

If you are looking for learning basic alphabet and manners, you can learn that in a day. Learning how to speak some sentences may take a week or two to learn. But if you are thinking of completely mastering the language, you won't be able to do it in two months or less.

Which app does Kpop use? ›

The Bubble app for SM groups is named Lysn, and the company has also created an app just for JYP Entertainment artists called "JYP Bubble." Fans pay to gain access to an artist's bubble and view app-exclusive content from their favorite artist.

What apps do kpop idols use? ›

Check out this Twitter account solely dedicated to Korean celebs and their selfie app posts.
  • Kwai. ...
  • Foodie. ...
  • B612. ...
  • Kirakira+ ...
  • Meitu. ...
  • Gudak.
5 Sept 2018

How many hours do Korean students study a week? ›

Well-known for its high-achieving students, South Korea's education system is quite demanding. Students spend much of their time, often between 12 to 16 hours per day, at school or at a special after-school academy called a hagwon.

What do Koreans use for chatting? ›

Nearly all mobile messaging app users in South Korea use KakaoTalk, making it by far the most popular messaging app in the country.

What apps do Koreans use Google? ›

Naver is popularly dubbed the Google of Korea, as it is currently Korea's number one search engine. It was launched in 1999 by a group of ex-Samsung employees and has dominated the Korean search industry ever since.

Which social media Koreans use most? ›

KakaoTalk is the most popular social communication app in South Korea, accounting for 96 percent of the social media messaging market. KakaoTalk has a monthly active user base of approximately 45 million.

How many words do you need to be fluent in Korean? ›

Most people have embraced the 10,000-word vocabulary as the ideal word count for being fluent in Korean. With this level of language mastery, you will be able to read Korean web pages comfortably and effortlessly. Active memorization requires some effort and practice.

Is Korean easier than Japanese? ›

Unlike other East-Asian languages, Korean isn't a tonal language. This means, that the meaning of the word doesn't change, regardless of what your accent is like. This makes learning Korean much easier than Japanese.

What should I study first in Korean? ›

The first thing you'll want to do is learn the alphabet. The Korean Alphabet (한글 | Hangeul) is one of the simplest alphabets to learn, even if you are an absolute beginner. You can learn this writing system in a few hours with some simple lessons.

What apps did BTS use? ›

In 2021, all 7 members created Instagram accounts. On their individual accounts, they post pictures and videos fairly regularly. They also post song recommendations on the stories. Apart from this, fan accounts on Instagram repost almost all BTS-related content from different sites.

What is BTS full form? ›

BTS, in full Bangtan Sonyeondan (Korean: “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” or “Bangtan Boys”), also called Beyond the Scene, South Korean K-pop (Korean pop music) band that shot to international stardom in the late 2010s.

Which app does BTS members use? ›

VLIVE is the platform on which BTS livestreams with fans.

Is duolingo accurate for Korean? ›

Pronunciation is often incorrect with terrible quality

If you are a novice with little idea about this language, you won't learn meaningful on Duolingo Korean. If you know even a little Korean, you notice that many of the sounds are like each other and are not correct.

Is 90 days Korean Good? ›

90 Day Korean is an excellent Korean course. The way that the material is structured and the simple manner that it's explained make the language feel much less intimidating than I expected. Split up into four 90-day modules, 90 Day Korean can take you from not knowing any Korean and get you to a relatively high level.

Which South Korean study is best? ›

13 Top Courses in South Korea 2023
  • Interior Design. Read More. ...
  • Information & Communications. Read More. ...
  • Music. Read More. ...
  • ACCA Course. Read More. ...
  • Sanskrit grammar. Read More. ...
  • Robot System Engineering. Read More. ...
  • Biomedical Engineering. Read More. Tongmyong University. ...
  • Fashion and Jewelry Design. Read More. Gwangju University.

Is Korean easy to self study? ›

It is evident that learning a language requires a lot of practice, which is very difficult when you are self-taught. Fortunately, there are apps that allow you to meet native speakers who are also studying your language. You can meet Koreans who are studying other languages and want to exchange languages.

How hard is Korean? ›

Despite Korean being fairly early to learn how to read, I'd say Korean is quite hard to learn (a 4/5 in difficulty) — harder to get to fluency for an English speaker than French or German, but easier than Chinese or Arabic.

Which is the easiest language to learn? ›

15 of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers - ranked
  • Frisian. Frisian is thought to be one of the languages most closely related to English, and therefore also the easiest for English-speakers to pick up. ...
  • Dutch. ...
  • Norwegian. ...
  • Spanish. ...
  • Portuguese. ...
  • Italian. ...
  • French. ...
  • Swedish.
24 Oct 2021

How many hours sleep Korean students? ›

It was noted that the average sleep duration of adolescents was 7.6-8.6 hours, 0.4-1.4 hours less than what is needed5).

Do Koreans study at night? ›

For every Korean student, the daily routine is more or less the same. Everyone has to attend school at 8 am, and they leave school at around 9 or10 pm. This means students have to wake up at 7 am, and they go to bed around 11 pm. Unfortunately, because of this schedule, their dinner is served at school.

What makes learning Korean hard? ›

Korean language has a lot of connectors and sometimes the sentences can get really lengthy with so many connectors. Your poor brain will be busy figuring out the connectors in the first half of the sentence while your Korean friend would already have spoken 5 more sentences.

Is Korean worth learning? ›

Learning the Korean language is certainly a good hedge. It could help make your career or business more relevant in the future. Korea is already one of the strongest economies in Asia, and if trends continue, learning Korean could be just as important as learning Mandarin for business and career prospects.

How can I look Korean? ›

12 Korean Beauty Hacks for Perfect Skin
  1. Give your face a steam massage in the shower. ...
  2. Exfoliate with a washcloth soaked in hot water. ...
  3. Use a charcoal sheet face mask. ...
  4. Try blurring to create HD perfect skin. ...
  5. Apply a facial essence between two layers of moisturizer. ...
  6. Bring out the natural flush of your lips.
17 Jul 2018

What selfie does BTS use? ›

Foodie – Camera for Life

Even Korean celebrities like RM of BTS are very much fond of this app!

How do you chat with idols? ›

Mobile apps such as Bubble and Universe offer an online chat service where fans can pay to communicate with idols in a one-on-one chat room. Fans feel as though they are receiving a private message, written just for them, from their favorite idol.

What apps does Blackpink use? ›

K-pop artist-fan interaction increasingly depends on apps such as Weverse – new home of Blackpink – whose number continues to grow | South China Morning Post.

Who is the best KPOP Idol? ›

Most Famous K-Pop Idols Of 2022
  • Jungkook (BTS) Junkook or Jeon Kenoggul, a vocalist for BTS, is one of the most popular music idols in the entire world and not just in K-pop. ...
  • Lisa (Blackpink) ...
  • Kim Tae-Hyung (BTS) ...
  • Jisso (Blackpink) ...
  • Sehun (EXO) ...
  • Jennie (Blackpink) ...
  • Jimin (BTS)

Which camera does Korean use? ›

According to a survey in South Korea in 2019, SNOW was by far the most popular camera app among Millennials and Generation Zs (aged 19 to 34) in South Korea with 64.5 brand power index (BPI) points in 2019. SNOW had more than twice as many points as the second-ranking B612, with a difference of nearly 35 points.

Which app has all Kpop songs? ›

Snaptube is a popular Android app for downloading not only trendy kpop music, but also various types of media content, including videos, music, and pictures. Snaptube has rich playlist resources with no download limit or restriction.

Which country students study most? ›

Which are the most searched for countries for studying overseas?
The Top 10 Countries for Studying AbroadNumber of countries searching to study here the most
1. Canada36
2. Spain13
3. England10
4. Japan9
12 more rows

How can I speak Korean fluently for free? ›

Free Korean Language Apps
  1. Eggbun. Eggbun is available for both iOS and Android. ...
  2. Pop Popping Korean. Pop Popping Korean is an app that teaches you how to read Hangeul through interactive games. ...
  3. TenguGo Hangul. ...
  4. S-TOPIK. ...
  5. Dongsa. ...
  6. Memrise and Anki. ...
  7. How to Study Korean. ...
  8. Coursera.

Can you become fluent with duolingo Korean? ›

Duolingo's Korean course covers a good amount of basic words, which is a good starting point. But this course fails to go beyond beginner level, so users shouldn't expect to achieve high level fluency by only using this app.

How many months does it take to be fluent in Korean? ›

How long does it take to learn a language like Korean? It takes three months (90 days) to learn enough Korean to have a 3-minute conversation in Korean if you study for 7-10 hours per week. After one year of studying at this pace, you can become conversationally fluent.

Is Korean difficult for English speakers? ›

Is Korean hard to learn for English speakers? Learning a language that involves a new writing system and sentence structure (such as Korean) can be challenging for a native English speaker. However, if you set yourself up with the right materials with a learning method you enjoy, it becomes easy.

What languages are hardest to learn? ›

Generally, if you're an English speaker with no exposure to other languages, here are some of the most challenging and difficult languages to learn:
  • Mandarin Chinese.
  • Arabic.
  • Vietnamese.
  • Finnish.
  • Japanese.
  • Korean.


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