7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (2023)

Custom computers are exciting to build because you know what components you need to get your dream PC. However, the excitement doesn’t come without a cost. If you’re doing the custom desktops yourself, the process is tedious. Researching and buying every part yourself will take hours of hard work. However, the good news is that many best custom PC builder websites are cut to the chase.

These best PC custom builder websites will help you at every step of the component selection process. Additionally, it hardly takes an hour to make all the component choices.

Best Custom PC Builder Websites

NameBest forWarrantyDistributionsLink
Build My PCFor Compatibility CheckingIndividual component warranty applicableUSA, Canada, Australia, UK, Italy, and India.Learn More
iBuyPowerCustom Gaming PCs3 years labor
1-year parts
USA and Canada onlyLearn More
BLD by NZXTGaming hardware2 yearsUnited States and Canada only.Learn More
CyberPower PCFor the Fastest Custom-Built PCs3 years labor
1-year parts
USA and Canada only.Learn More
Falcon NorthWestThe most experienced custom PC builder website1-year warrantyinternationalLearn More
XidaxFor Budget Custom PCsLifetime warrantyinternationalLearn More
ORIGIN PCFor BeginnersIndividual component warranty applicableinternationalLearn More

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (1)

1) Build My PC

Best for Compatibility Checking

Build My PC is one of the best custom PC builder websites. It helps you build custom PCs best suited to your requirements by finding the right components. This website has divided its components into different categories so that you can build the perfect PC without missing out on any required parts.

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (2)

Why We Like to Build MY PC

  • Suggests several computer builds and sets, assisting you in selecting the most cost-effective components.
  • Includes a compatibility guide to ensure that the parts you choose to create your custom PCs are compatible.
  • It is integrated with Amazon Price Tracking, which eases the process of finding the components you need at a reasonable price.
  • Provides a specific construction guide in each section. Even Those who do not know how custom the PC building process works can ace the process through these guides.

What We Don’t Like

  • Provides no options or filters to search for products.
  • Its user interface is confusing and not user-friendly.

How Does Build MY PC work?

Step 1) For starters, the custom PC builder’s website looks for several computer components, chooses the best out of them for you, and then adds those components for you to use.

Step 2) Next, they test each product to see if they are compatible with what you are looking for in a custom-built PC.

Step 3) Lastly, they help you create a high-end PC by making the chosen products available through Amazon.

Pricing: This is a free custom PCs compatibility checker website.

Link: buildmypc.net

2) iBuyPower

Best for Gaming Custom PC Solutions

iBuyPower is one of the best custom PC builders’ websites for gaming laptops. In addition to providing detailed information on getting custom PCs with credible performance, the compatibility and Installation process is super simple. With iBuyPower, you can select each component of your gaming PC according to the games you play.

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (3)

Why We Like iBuyPower

  • Have high computer compatibility with their components.
  • Efficient systems of quality control and PC building.
  • A custom PC builder with exceptional customer service with quick response time and trained professionals who fluently guide you through the customization process.
  • The website’s gear store provides PC gear, such as cases and even gaming laptops chairs.
  • It provides monthly payment plans.
  • Perfect for custom-built PCs in the gaming industry

What We Don’t Like

  • International shipping may cost you an arm and a leg.
  • The custom PCs may have problems with cooling hardware components and heat up quickly.

How Does iBuyPower work?

Step 1) First, you may order from the website’s selection of custom PCs or other available PC gear.

Step 2) The order is then sent through a verification procedure to filter out fraud, validate the delivery address, and check for incompatible items.

Step 3) Your order will then be passed off to the assembly team of the best custom PC builder, who will begin gathering all of the components you’ve selected, and their team will confirm that the system works before it leaves the company.

Step 3) Your custom PC is now sent to the burn-in station, where it undergoes a stress test.

Step 4) In the final phase, your PC is delivered to the boxing station, where it is then boxed and ready for shipment to the shipping department of the custom pc builder, and your tracking number will be emailed to you once it has been dispatched.

Pricing: They have gaming PCs starting at $899 and as high as $1000. And, they also offer financing via Affirm, so monthly payments are a possibility.

Link: ibuypower.com


Best Gaming Hardware Website

BLD is one of those few best custom PC builder websites that provide value for money. They are big on satisfying their customers with the most affordable custom gaming PCs for hardcore gamers. This custom PC builder tool allows you to play the heaviest games, and their selection of hardware will not disappoint you.

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (4)

Why We like BLD by NZXT

  • This custom PC builder is tailored for a gaming computer by analyzing the games to ensure they can provide the PC parts and the accessibility to run all games.
  • They provide a 2-year warranty to ensure that their customers have the best service experience.
  • The custom computers are assembled by trained professionals skilled in building a stable gaming PC, guaranteeing a quality-built system.
  • No complex customization setups.

What We Don’t Like

  • The customer service of this custom PC builder takes a lot of time to respond.
  • Troubleshooting advice is not helpful and can be exhausting to follow.

How Does BLD by NZXT Work?

Step 1) Browse the best custom PC builder’s website for the parts you’re looking for.

Step 2) Set a budget and select your required chipset.

Step 3) Choose all the components you need to build your gaming PC.

Step 4) Wait for the shipment to amaze you with your very own PC.

Pricing: NZXT’s BLD Kit includes:

  • Starter PC series — $1,099
  • H1 mini PC series — $1,399
  • Streaming PC series – $1799
  • Creator PC — $3999

Visit NZXT >>

4) CyberPowerPC

Best for Fastest Custom-Built PCs

CyberPowerPC is famous for its super wide range of various core components. Also, it supplies an incredible selection of custom-built high-end desktop systems. The best thing about this custom PC builder website is that they provide the fastest performance custom workstations and custom desktops for business, education, and government.

With their PCs, there will be no down-times for the systems, no matter how loaded the machines are.

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (5)

Why We Like CyberPowerPC

  • It is much cheaper when building with cyber-Power than making it yourself.
  • The website consists of all the parts and their names, which helps choose the best components for your PC.
  • They have many deals going on from Monday to Friday, which provide an extra advantage to customers.
  • Faster shipping with an instant shipping feature as well.
  • It can run even the heaviest games without any lag.
  • Provides lifetime tech support.
  • No defective components.

What We Don’t Like

  • The cooling system and fans are not up to the mark, making the PC heat up quickly.
  • It doesn’t support all graphic cards, which results in the PC crashing when trying to play some games.

How Does CyberPowerPC Work?

Step 1) Go to the PC building website.

Step 2) Browse through the categories for the PCs.

Step 3) When you select the components, sign up on the website.

Step 4) Place the order.

Step 5) Keep checking the order status through the website.

Step 6) Get delighted with your very own PC you receive.

Pricing: There’s something for everyone:

  • Gaming PCs start at $819.
  • Gaming laptops start at $899.
  • Syber gaming starts at $579.
  • Offers more affordable solutions directly on Amazon, with prices starting at $499.

Link: cyberpowerpc.com

5) Falcon Northwest

Best For Custom PC Veterans

Falcon Northwest has been supplying quality custom PC builds for gaming and power users for a long time. And their vast experience is exactly what has helped them build an extremely efficient and useful system. What’s more, the website knows how to evolve with time, and the system is perfectly integrated according to modern trends and technology — including various customization options like RGB lighting.

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (6)

Why We Like Falcon Northwest

  • Provides incredible custom PC builds options for aesthetics, hardware, cooling, software, or peripherals.
  • The most unique out of the custom pc builders provides custom-built computers from scratch where the customers can choose the color for custom-painted cases and to design every piece of hardware themselves.
  • They have introduced the 4U rackmount PC cases, perfect for small spaces. Also, it keeps the fast CPUs cool.
  • Provides fast desktop processors and even has the 12th Generation Intel core processors available.
  • It is integrated with excellent sound quality and professional cable management.
  • You can even get the support of 4K power games.
  • It provides a wide range of customization options — custom paint for cases, RGB lighting, etcetera.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It doesn’t offer any financing options for PCs or laptops, so there aren’t any monthly payment options.

How Does Falcon Northwest Work?

Step 1) Go to the website.

Step 2) Visit the desktop or laptops menu, whatever you require.

Step 3) Select through the available range and click configure.

Step 4) The Falcon Northwest sales team will guide you through the customization options.


  • Custom-built desktops start at $2200
  • Custom-built laptops begin at $2500.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No financing options or monthly payment system is available.

Link: falcon-nw.com

6) Xidax

Best Budget-Friendly Option

Xidax might be one of the perfect custom PC building companies for building your PC according to your requirements. For starters, the website consists of top-rated PC components that help you choose the best PC for yourself. What’s more, computers can be used for all sorts of professional and gaming use.

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (7)

Why We Like Xidax

  • Xidax system builders create your PC with precision and efficiency. Hand-selected, 360-point certified professionals build a Xidax PC.
  • PCs from Xidax are put through battery testing to verify that they are free of faults.
  • Excellent customer service representatives can assist you with any problems or issues you may encounter.
  • Provides custom branding options to design your brand’s logo or colors on any machine.
  • Provides lifetime warranty along with warranty extension packages. However, some PC hardware like liquid cooling components has short warranties.
  • Includes plenty of financing options.

What We Don’t Like

  • There are delays in shipment, and the PC may take weeks to reach the customer.
  • You may face problems with the graphic card, and the devices are incompatible with running it.

How Does Xidax Work?

Step 1) Visit the Xidax custom easy pc builder website (Link below) and choose the category you want — whether a desktop, laptop, or workstation.

Step 2) Select any of the models you’re looking for.

Step 4) Next, select features and products you prefer to add personalization to the model.

Step 5) After this, you have your very own computer.


  • Gaming desktops start at $654.
  • Gaming PCs start at $954.
  • Workstations start at $1837.

Visit Xidax >>


Best for Beginners

ORIGIN PC consists of 1000s of products that help you achieve the perfect compatibility for your PC. If you aren’t super familiar with the technical jargon, this website is ideal since it provides detailed information about all the different PC parts.

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites (8)


  • It shows all the PC parts compatible with each other all at one site
  • It comes with information about compatibility with all the latest products and technologies.
  • A comment section is available, which helps encourage feedback.
  • Suggests the best performance premium PC and laptops available on the market.

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t provide information on where to purchase the products from.
  • There are little details and descriptions of the various components.

How Does ORIGIN PC Work?

Step 1) Go to the ORIGIN PC website.

Step 2) Browse through the categories, including prebuilt PCs, custom setups for laptops, and a component menu.

Step 3) Choose the parts you like to add to your PC.

Step 4) Add every component one by one to the cart; your cart will guide you through it.

Step 5) Now simply check out and wait for your shipment.

Pricing: The website is free, and all the information is provided to make a design only — it doesn’t offer any purchasing feature.

Visit ORIGIN PC >>


❓ Are custom PCs cheaper as compared to Prebuilt PCs?

No, it’s not. Since you select every component yourself, the price will be higher than a prebuilt PC. Prebuilt PCs use bulk-bought parts, which are cheaper. However, these custom PCs are more reliable due to the precision in combining all the elements.

✔️ What are the Best Custom PC Builder Websites?

Here are some of the Best Customer PC Builder Websites:

⚡ What are the important components for building custom computers?

The most important components for building a PC include:

  • A case for enclosing the PC
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • CPU
  • A graphic card
  • A power supply unit
  • Storage
  • Cooling devices
  • Monitor

You can keep adding components according to your requirements, and you can upgrade the parts whenever you want.

🚀 Which components should be mindful of for PC compatibility?

When you’re buying a customized PC, you must consider the following components for PC compatibility.

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Chipsets
  • Operating system
  • Hard drive

💻 Are custom-built PCs reliable?

Custom-built PCs are much more reliable than prebuilt PCs. You can see them as tailor-made, fit-to-need end products that always have the upgrade option.

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