13 Great Ways To Live Your Best Life Ever (2022)

Life can be so overwhelming sometimes. In which you feel stuck, and wonder why your life is the way it is? You wonder, why you feel lost, unfulfilled, and not having the best life you want and desire.

Yeah, at one point in time or another out of 100 persons, about 80 would have felt this way. Hence, you ain’t alone in feeling this way or feeling totally lost and seeking ways to have that best life. Whatsoever you might have been through or gone through in life. Whatsoever life might have thrown at you, you can still have and live the best life you desire if you endeavor to put in your best and work towards having that best life you desire.

No one said each phase in life was going to be easy, no one promised a smooth journey in the different stages of life. Whatever you want, need and so desire, you have the absolute power to make that happen.

Therefore, this piece is to help you with the things you need in living the best life you desire.

1. Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Everything in life has to do with putting in efforts. Striving and working hard in a strategic way to achieve what you want, and desire for yourself.

Therefore, how do you expect to live your best life when you are so comfortable in your comfort zone? You would only be wasting away precious time, and not be really productive as you ought to. Which would only make you regrettable in the short and long run.

Hence, whatsoever you desire to be and do. Stop wishing and daydreaming, and get to work by stepping out of your comfort zone. And in turn, your life would gradually transform into living the best life you envisioned.

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2. Be specific about what you want.

I remember how at a time I so wanted to be so many things at the same time. I would try to write, learn how to bake, learn how to cook a particular delicacy, and a whole lot more. That at the end of the day, I feel so exhausted, lost, and doing almost everything halfway. And sometimes not getting any done.

This happened a couple of times, then I had to ask myself what do I want? And how to get these things done? Right there, and then, I made a specific decision on taking everything a step at a time. Not overwhelming and putting so much pressure on myself.

At the moment, I don’t know what your options are on the things you want to do. But I would advise, if these things are good and honorable, then go ahead and do them. But start with tasks that you love doing. That way, you’ve made a specific decision. And you are definite about what you want.

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3. Be Confident.

I don’t know the circumstances surrounding your life, and how you were raised. And how you got to where you are. Perhaps, you were made to believe you can never amount to much. And a lot of demeaning things said to you, that have affected you psychologically and made you lose confidence in yourself and your abilities.

I have been here, in which at some point while growing up, I was told by a family member that I won’t amount to much. But hey, I felt so bad. Asking myself why would this person talk to me in this manner. But at some point, I told myself, not everyone would support you. The fact that you might be related by blood doesn’t make them have your best interest at heart. Hence, I didn’t let that get to me. I told myself I will strive, and succeed against the odds and obstacles I might face.

I won’t say it has been easy, but the strong confidence I had in myself, in God, and in who I want to be. Had paved the way for me to prove those who had said I won’t amount to much because of what I was facing at the time wrong.

If I could do that by having confidence in myself, you can do much more. Hence, to become that person you want to be, and live your best life ever, you need to change that lack of confidence in yourself to strong confidence. You have to tell yourself positive words of affirmations for confidence daily. And with time, you’d start growing strong self-confidence and become better at it.

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4. Set simple, achievable goals.

Goals are like the air we breathe. They are like the food we eat to fuel our bodies and enhance our body’s metabolism. Hence in your quest to live your best life ever, you need to set goals that are not only simple but are easily achievable. You don’t need to bombard yourself with so much on your plate. You could make it a list of 4/5 goals for a month.

And take a step at a time, to achieve them. This way you won’t be overly overwhelmed on meeting with a deadline on the goals you may have already written down to achieve.

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5. Start saving.

I don’t know how you might be faring. If life has been so good to you in terms of your finances or not. If you have a good source of income, or not? Whatever the situation might be, I would advise that you make an effort to save no matter how little.

Remember, it’s little drops of water that make an ocean. To live and have that best life you envision, comes with a lot of effort to be put in place. Therefore, if you have $10, endeavor to save $2. And try to manage the rest, without buying things you don’t need, or living above your means.

Don’t try to impress anyone, live your life the best way you can, and be happy. That way, you won’t be under any pressure to meet up with folks who don’t care about you when you go broke but would only laugh and mock you for being so broke.

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6. Be a nice and kind human.

I didn’t grow up with my parents. But was raised by my maternal grandmother. And one of the priceless lessons I learned from her, is to be a nice and kind human. She would always tell me, it is more peaceful to be nice, and kind. To being arrogant, and a mean person.

I know in life, most humans tend to take advantage of nice and kind people. But, in your being nice and kind, you need to be cautious. And when being nice and kind, do it without hope of getting any reward.

The more you show your niceness and kindness, the more your life will be more blissful. And transform gradually into you living that best life you desire.

7. Take care of yourself.

Most times in life, you would be so carried away with different things from different angles. That you forget about yourself, you forget to eat a healthy balanced diet. To exercise and stay fit, to even have enough rest.

This is so bad, and not healthy for you. Because in the long run, you’d break down if care is not taken.

Hence, before it gets to that, you need to make a daily conscious effort not to forget about yourself. Take care of yourself, by eating enough healthy balanced diet. Exercise more, and have enough rest.

That way, you having the best life you want won’t be far-fetched, and when you finally get to have it, you’d still be very much healthy to enjoy it.

8. Take little daily steps.

Whatever you want to be, be it a doctor, a writer, a baker, etc. Make a conscious effort each day to achieve that, read about the things you want to be or do, and make efforts to practicalize those things. That is the only way you’d grow, and be a better person.

9. Stop comparing yourself.

The greatest harm you could ever do to yourself is comparing yourself to someone else. I know it’s not easy, with all the competition going on, on social media, and all you tend to be tempted to compare yourself to those who are doing better than you. This is so wrong, for you are only putting yourself under unnecessary pressure.

Therefore, to live your best life ever, you need to stop comparing yourself to anyone. Remember, inasmuch as almost every human has unique fingerprints, that’s how we all have different unique destinies.

Destinies that have a certain time to manifest. Hence, you don’t need to overly beat yourself up when things are not going the way you want. Or when your peers are doing better than you.

Remember that if you hold on to God, keep striving, and staying focused. You’d certainly have that best life you want someday soon.

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10. Live within your means, and stay debt-free.

One of the things, I have learned over the years is to live within my means. To live within what I have while striving to be better. This way, I have stayed above buying unnecessary things I don’t need simply because I want to impress someone else. Who might not even give a damn if I am okay and safe or otherwise?

I don’t know what your financial situation might be at the moment. But your life would be a whole lot better if you live within your means or what you earn. Instead of otherwise! This is one of the ways, you can live your best life ever. If you would agree with me, he that is debt-free will have peace of mind to focus on opportunities that would bring or generate more wealth. Right or wrong?

11. Read more.

Books are loaded with great words of wisdom and inspiration from yesteryears. In which when you endeavor to open your mind to read these great books of wisdom. You will be equipped and your horizons will be broadened.

Hence, in order not to be closed-minded and be myopic in the ways you see things and the world, you need to train yourself to read more. That way, your life would be transformed and in turn, you’d gradually get to live the best life you want.

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12. Be more positive.

Being positive is one of the best things you can give to yourself. I know sometimes with all the life issues hovering around your mind here and there. It takes a lot of courage to stay positive. But you can if you keep telling yourself Affirmations that would transform your life.

The only way to get rid of negative thoughts is to listen to as many positive, inspirational podcasts, watch motivational videos, listen to great soothing songs to uplift your soul and spirit. When being faced with negative thoughts, don’t stay and brood over such thoughts for so long. But discard them as fast as you can. That way, you are a step closer to live the best ever.

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13. Get rid of being perfect all the time.

I know the feeling of being upright, and things being in their right places almost at all times. You freak out when you make a mistake, and feel terrible almost all through. This is not a good way to live. Because, when you don’t make a mistake, how will you learn, how will you grow? Inasmuch as it is good to always be organized and put things in order. It is paramount, that you endeavor to be Open-minded, forgive yourself and let it go whenever you tend to make a mistake. That way you grow and be better as time goes on. And in turn, you have the opportunity to live the best life you want.

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